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Tree removal is important

Tree removal is an important service for a variety of reasons. When trees are old or diseased, they pose a risk to people and property. On the other hand, trees that have grown too large can be an eyesore because they make your property look dark and dreary in the shade.

No matter the reason you need tree removal services, Middlesex Tree Service is a company you can rely on. We provide tree removal in the Wilmington, MA, area.

Discover the Importance of Tree Removal

Since 1990, Middlesex Tree Service has helped property owners in Winchester, MA, keep their properties attractive and safe for visitors. We know how important the right tools are to get the job done – and we know that the right experience and skillset is just as valuable as any equipment we own.

For over 25 years Middlesex Tree Removal has helped home and business owners keep their properties beautiful and safe. We recommend removing trees to help with problems like:

  • Infections and infestations: Both diseases and pest infestations can easily spread from tree to tree, especially if you have several trees of the same species. Remove diseased or infested trees to keep harmful pests from spreading and causing further damage.
  • Potential property damage: An old or sick tree is not as strong as a healthy tree. When a snowstorm hits, weak branches can snap under the weight and cause serious damage to items below. When you remove a weak tree, you remove this risk and liability.
  • Poor curb appeal: A too-large, old, or diseased tree can cast your whole property in a bad light. To boost your curb appeal, have unsightly trees removed by a professional.

To learn more about our tree removal services for your Wilmington, MA, property, call us at 781-589-1202.

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    Chris and his crew did a great job removing a large tree in very tight quarters on my property. They were on time, on budget, and left my property (and my neighbors too) in perfect shape when they were done. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for professional assistance removing a tree.

    BobMedford, MA

    Chris and Russ and the rest of the team did a great job at a great price. We had two big maple trees with dead wood that needed to be removed and some additional limbs that needed to be trimmed. They were fast and affordable. You have to be a little bit flexible when it comes to scheduling, but I imagine that's just the nature of the business.

    StacieMedford, MA

    The crew cleared out a large brush pile that I’ve been working on for years, removed a couple dead pine trees, and then preceded to trim back the trees along the sides of my house. The crew manager Russell stopped the job to get my attention because he wanted to know what I thought of his trim job, asking if I wanted him to cut back more or leave it as he trimmed it initially. To my satisfaction they finished the job and left my yard looking excellent, just in time for my cookout this weekend!

    PaulBurlington, MA

    Chris came out to my home within a couple of hours and gave me an estimate that beat the next estimate by hundreds of dollars. They took down the tree and left my yard the way they found it. They covered and sweep the ground and the yard. My neighbor was so impressed; she had them remove one of her trees while they were there. A great job at a great price.

    ChrisWoburn, MA

    Chris and his crew did a great job. They took time to carefully set up and take the trees down as asked to do using all the proper equipment needed. I recommend them very highly.

    Lea L.Billerica, MA

    Middlesex Tree Service is fantastic. They came within two hours of a call about a fallen tree during Hurricane Irene and removed the entire very large tree promptly, fully, and without unduly disrupting traffic on a very busy main street. Very professional and thorough, and they also did a really good job cleaning up.

    NancyMelrose, MA

    We needed a large silver maple tree taken down in our yard, and Middlesex Tree Service did a great job. Chris was very responsive on the phone and did the work promptly, efficiently, and for a good price. I'd definitely hire them again.

    ChrisWaltham, MA

    Martel and Middlesex Tree came out to our house this past Winter to remove a tree that had fallen against our house. He quickly removed the section touching the house without any further damage. He returned to cut up the remainder of the tree and left us log length wood for burning. His guys even cleaned up all the small branches left in the backyard. Terrific work at a reasonable price. Very professional, timely and cost-effective. I would definitely recommend especially if you have a difficult removal or many trees.


    I worked with Chris and Middlesex Tree to remove several trees on my property. They removed 4 trees in my front yard that were extremely close to my house, and 4 trees + several overhang leaders in my backyard. Chris and his crew did a fantastic job getting the trees cleared in a timely manner. From the time they set up to the time they left, they were only on my property for a total of a day. They easily navigated the difficult terrain of my property (I live on a hill) and took time in securing bushes from getting damaged. They did a terrific job of cleaning up all the debris and even cleaned my roof. They left my yard looking nicer than before!

    Bryan Warner

    Chris and his crew were taking trees down on my "old" property for approximately six hours yesterday. My property being landlocked and "in the woods" this was not an easy endeavor. Everyone was professional and courteous. Although we are in the middle of the flowering season, they all took great care not to disrupt surrounding landscaping. Thanks so much guys!

    JacquelynReading, MA
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