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Specializing in tree removal and services for over 25 years

Middlesex Tree Service has all the tools necessary to professionally trim and remove tree limbs or entire groves of trees. Their crane and bucket truck minimizes any risk to a homeowner’s valuable property while ensuring that the job is performed correctly. Of course having the right equipment is necessary but the skill and knowledge to do the job right is the most important prerequisite. This is where Chris and his crew take a back seat to no one. They have performed removals of trees that have fallen on houses after a hurricane. Other removals involved large oak tree limbs physically resting on the house. Chris and his crew will undertake these jobs and get the results you are looking for and at a competitive price.

Most people make the mistake of hiring a tree removal service entirely on the basis of price. However, removing large trees and/or limbs is dangerous work especially if the tree is near a home or street where falling limbs can do significant damage. We have over twenty years experience and the right equipment to handle all jobs safely and efficiently. Our tree climbers use a bucket truck and safety harnesses and we are insured. We love trees but we love our customers and employees even more. When you hire Middlesex Tree you are hiring a team of professional arborists who pride themselves on their work.”

Five Question You Need to Ask a Tree Service Company:

  • When you have completed the job, will my yard and landscaping be left in good condition? YES!

  • Are your team members experienced in proper tree pruning and trimming? YES!

  • Will your insurance company send me a copy of your policy directly to me? YES!

  • Does your company provide workers’ compensation for all of your team members so that I am not responsible? YES!

  • Can you provide references? YES!

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